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Peter Pinner Entertainments Ltd

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London SW10 0SR

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There’s nothing like real music and a lively atmosphere

to get things going with a swing and with an

experienced ‘Caller’ to lead the way with his musicians, even the shyest of people will be encouraged to join in and have

fun.  The relaxed atmosphere barn dancing creates helps people

to feel instantly at home and whether they’re used to dancing or just beginners, they join in from the very first dance.  If you’ve been to a Barn Dance or Line Dance, you’ll know what we mean!  Few other events can compete with a Barn Dance because the secret of success lies in having an experienced Caller and band to guide everyone.

Our team has over 10 years experience and with over 900 bands nationwide to choose from, booking with us means you can be sure that the ‘Caller’ and your band will know exactly what to do, walking your guests through each dance first.  They can sense the mood of your party and respond accordingly with first, slow or amusing barn dances at the drop of a hat.  As Barn Dances are easy to learn and fun to enjoy, it’s the ideal answer to so many different occasion!  For strangers and families, grandparents and grandchildren, a birthday, wedding or charity event, you’ll find that a Barn Dance fits the bill better than any other entertainment - it’s the perfect answer to the perfect party.

One of the most cost effective forms of entertainment for a fundraiser is a Barn Dance or Line Dane.  The Caller will run a whole evening taking a break usually to coincide with a buffet and will put on a CD to play in the background whilst the break is being taken.

The Barn Dance Caller and Band, if funds allow, will only need a power point and perhaps a small raised platform for the Caller, the rest is provided. If the event is likely to attract a large number of attendees then why not Theme the Venue with Flags and Bunting etc. and why not try a Rodeo Bull and Quickdraw Machine.  This will make sure that your barn dance or line dance is a great night for everybody.

Barn Dances

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